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        Molding aspheric glass lens

        Optical glass lens molding technology is high-precision optical components processing technology, It has become one of the world's most advanced manufacturing technology of optical components.

        Ultra-precision Machining

        We use the highest level accuracy numerically-controlled machine tool in current manufacture field and natural diamond tool to achieve ultraprecise one-time forming processing of 3d complex surface.

        Injection lens processing

        As a new machining method ,injection lens processing can manufacture microns size, milligram quality of micro parts.

        Hard brittle material processing

        our company can achieve Complex surface precision machining of hard alloy、glass、ceramic、corundum、Si/Ge oher brickle material and improve processing efficiency and processing quality of brickle material.

        • Aspheric lens Aspheric lens are widely used in high power semiconductor laser and semiconductor laser system ,customers accept it highly.
        • Free-surface lens Free-form surface mirrors used in near-focus projector market.
        • Fish eye array Aspherical micro lens array can effectively reduce the distortion aberration and other factors, thereby efficiently improve the quality of imaging.
        • VR system -Trihedral free-form surfaces Free-surface lenses are maturely used in VR and AR systems applied headset.